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The Top 1% Podcast

We are a soul, gifted with an intellect, and we have a physical body. We are creatures literally created in the image of God. Knowing this, we must ask ourselves why it is that we are so content to settle for lives of boredom and mediocrity. We are far too easily satisfied. We are so conditioned to be “busy being busy”, that we ignore our unique ability to design our lives around a purpose that keeps us awake with excitement each night. Our creator has gifted us with a free-will mechanism that leaves us with no excuses. We can either design our own vision to pursue, or we can go through the motions on auto-pilot. But, we will all choose, either consciously or unconsciously.

In order to experience maximum vitality and courage, it’s very important that we not let anyone else influence our choice of a life mission. WE must choose this mission for ourselves to give it the meaning and intensity of purpose that will keep us going over the long-haul.

Our progress toward accomplishment of our mission will be in direct proportion to our personal growth and mastery. The mediocre majority will be controlled by their fears and doubts, and they’ll gladly welcome us into their victimhood mentality. But we can choose to be courageous instead. We can choose to join The Top 1%.

The Top 1% Podcast is designed to provide mentorship in business success, personal development, faith, finding meaning and mission in life, and ultimately impacting the world in your unique and powerful way. The podcast will consist primarily of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, leaders, and super-achievers who have both overcome major obstacles as well as created immense success and impact in the world. You know that I hold mentorship as an absolutely crucial aspect of learning and growing into our fullest potential, and these generous guests will serve as our mentors in various ways. The experiences of these individuals will also serve to compress the achievement timeline for you as you learn from their failures and mistakes. New episodes will be available weekly. Welcome to the Top 1% Community!